The Weird Tapes

A walk for the unknown



Dorothy …

Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?

Blinded by nostalgia

You are the fugitive
But you don’t know what you’re running from


-Arctic Monkeys, Old Yellow Bricks


“En tu sonrisa yo veo una guerrilla, una aventura, un movimiento. Tu lenguaje, tu acento…”

-Residente, Calle 13

25 inspirational songs for broken (deeply outraged) hearts

“How to tear apart the ties that bind
Perhaps fuck off, might be too kind”
Arctic Monkeys


What say when words are not enough?

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Sufjan Stevens | The introspective look

A back to the origin. This is it. A return to that classic pure folk of Seven Swans that has cautivated us on the past. But with years of experience behind his back, we face us with a grown, mature Sufjan; Clearer. Deeper. Consistent.

Carrie & Lowell is an intimate experience. It cove on your bones, speaks to your soul and remains in your mind. Join me through this review about one of the more heartrending album ever done.

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Beautifully heartbreaking | 20 sad songs that, eventually, will make you happy.

” El dolor es un horror fascinante…
Reclamo el derecho a ser desgraciado.”

Aldous Huxley.


There is a certain beauty on sadness.

A song has crossed my heart
It left me:
a noisy mind,
a rainy soul,
a lot of questions.
(something always remains).

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