The creative process start with a question.
An interrogant which impulse us forward.
A search for an autentic way to expression.
A constant attempt to make visible the invisible,
to materialize what is happening inside our mind…

First, there was an image – strong, expresive, beautifull – then, many more. Above them: a solid, powerfull, concept. That’s what leaves behind the first approach to Matteo’s work. This italian artist has something to say, to comunicate. His work fascinates from the beginning: it’s astounding, deep, evocative. Fortunately, he agreed to talk to us about inspiration, his creative process, and future projects. Let’s start the journey! …


Hi Matteo!, How are you?… Just to start: Could you please introduce you?
Hi!, I’m fine thanks!. Well, my name is Matteo, and I live in Rome (the historical center), I’ve studied illustration – digital and traditional – in my city.

For 5 years, I’ve worked as illustrator, graphic designer and video maker with several Theaters here in Rome.

Tell us Matteo, where do you find inspiration?
I find my inspiration in the physic quantum and human being: his psychology and energy. I like discovering the inner being – constantly changing in all of us – through the art.

Interesting!. So, Matteo: what about the future?, in what are you working now?
Well, nowadays, I’m working on my illustrated version of the book “Don Quixote”. I would like to talk about the diverse visions that the knight has along his journey.


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