” El dolor es un horror fascinante…
Reclamo el derecho a ser desgraciado.”

Aldous Huxley.


There is a certain beauty on sadness.

A song has crossed my heart
It left me:
a noisy mind,
a rainy soul,
a lot of questions.
(something always remains).

Heartbreaking songs have been, throughout history, a safe place for us to come back, over and over again, looking for shelter in difficult times. The reason is simple:

We find comfort in sadness.

The certainty of the inevitable, the things which escapes us, the pain that pierces us in bones is, after all, a reminder that we’ve been happy, that we are alive.

So, if you’re with that mood right now, I have a notice for you: Congrats, you are human after all!. You are allowed to be sad. Face this feeling, embrace it, let it penetrate you and then move on. Don’t worry, you’ll be looking for happiness the day after tomorrow. It’s on our nature: we don’t give up.

To help you to face this situation, I’ll leave you with 20 sad songs that, eventually, will make you happy: