Here we are;
In front of us,
an open door
to another dimension.


Surreal Collages | Sato Masahiro.

Welcome to the amazing world of Masahiro’s collages.
Enjoy the trip!

Tokyo-based art director Sato Masahiro, more commonly known as Q-TA (@qta3), combines materials from vintage encyclopedias and magazines to create seamless, boldly creative collages.

08-© Q-TA - Sato Masahiro - 佐藤 正浩


Using both digital and analog methods, the collage artist thoughtfully merges the unlikeliest elements, resulting in beautifully bizarre, surreal works that somehow fit together perfectly.

“Although each of my work does not have a particular message in it, some keywords are fragmentally placed in each of it,”

Q-TA said in an interview with Revolution 360. When asked about the focus on children in many of his collages, he explained,

“I hope my audience feels some kind of nostalgia as well as surprise and elation as they feel when they read children’s books. The reason that the majority of my work has young children is that I would like to show a new way of thinking by offering the audience, children’s view of the world and also placing children in those worlds.”


02-© Q-TA - Sato Masahiro - 佐藤 正浩
01-© Q-TA - Sato Masahiro - 佐藤 正浩